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MP3 Karaoke Software Introduction :

A Recording karaoke software : You can select a popular song (MIDI, WAV, MP3, KAR) and sing along with the song. Microsing records your voice while singing, process your voice with real time voice effects. It is a MP3 Karaoke, Midi Karaoke Software!

You can edit your voice and change effects ,balance and mix it . has 4 different voice effects.

If you want to have all features all 4 effects and and formats, try karaoke recorder 2.02 Songs format : Mp3, Kar, Wav, Mid , Rmi

It is a unique recording-studio software karaoke that can record your voice singing alone with a song you select ,and process it with special effects to sound great with any song you want.

Record your voice while singing along, mix and add real-time voice effects. You can modify MIDI-formatted tracks and save them as WAV files. They can be posted to the Web, shared with friends and even burned to a CD. All you really need is a decent computer microphone.

After selecting and loading a file, just click the record button to sing along. There are sliding scales for adding effects, including echo and a cool hall option. The futuristic interface features a waveform graphic for analyzing audio. You can preview your recording, modify it and save the new track to disk.

With Karaoke Recorder you are the singer.

You can also:
1. Send your song to e-mail,
2. Encode to mp3
3. Lyric search
4. Song search\Midi search
5. Volume controls
6. Recording controls
7. Convert Midi to Wav
8. Wav to Mp3

- Visual Basic 5 Runtime DLLs - Microsoft DirectX 9

Q: What is Microsing ???
A: Microsing is the first ever karaoke recorder software .
Microsing record your voice while singing along with songs and lyrics.and process your voice with special effects to sound amazing ,even with your pc mic.
You can these formats: Mp3 , mid , wav , kar , rmi.
It also a Midi to Wav Converter!

Q:How do i start?
A: First you have to Download the Microsing install file
then run install by dublle clicking the setup file (all4wkr.exe)
Microsing requiers directx 8.0 or higher.

Q: ok' I installed it ,How do I start reccoding and singing?
A: First you have To select a song With the "Select song" button.

Q: What are these files?
A: "Mid"/ "Kar" songs are very popular and easy to Download. You can
Download "mid" songs in 10 sec. The quality of these files depands
on your sound card. If you have a "normal" sound card - you will have
a very good quality.

Q:so if iwant to sing with songs- how do i start?
A:Well, first you have to select a song with the "select song" button on the upper -right side of microsing .

Q:Ok i want to select a song but i cannot find any mp3 mid kar or wav files songs -in my computer.
A:No problem! Just press the "find songs" button and you will be able to find any song you want.

Q:Ok i have a song - now what?
A:Now press the red record button and when the music starts -start singing. Once you press the stop button you will hear your preformence with the music and you can start playing with the voice effects.

Q:The recording stoped after 42 sec ,and after processing i can hear the resault ,but why only 42sec ?
A:In the demo version of microsing user is limited to 42 sec, and cannot save the the full version there are no function limits at all.

Q:Can i see the lyrics while i sing?
A:Yes,if you use the "kar" format (you can press the "karaoke songs " button.)

Q:How can i save my recorded song? (Full Version users only) A:Once you finished singing and you like the resaults do this:1-in the List box Select :"stereo mix" or "stereo mixer" or "stereo out" or "stereo.....somthing." (depands on your sound card).

2-Press Start - you will hear the song playing and when you press finish the song will stop and save as a wav file ready to burn on CD.

System required:
1. Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better
2. Pentium 90mhz or better
3. 16 MB RAM 4 MB hard drive space
4. Full-duplex sound card is also required
What's benefit after registering:
1. Edit without time limitation!
2. No annoying reminding Message !
3. Get technology support free !
Order information:
Microsing Karaoke Recorder is a shareware. A user who want to use full-function requires registration. The registration fee only costs $29.95 US dollars.
Once you register, we will send you registration code immediately and all newer versions will also registered to you.
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Product Notes

Click to view full Screen Shot of Karaoke Recorder

Free Download
* [Site 1] [Site 2]
* Last Release: 2003-3-23

Buy Now [US$29.95]
* Send you a registration code to fully unlock the software immediately!
* We don't record your credit card info.
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User's Letter
"I am really enjoying using your All Sound Recorder XP, and being able to record my own voice into MP3 files. Then I burn those files onto "rehearsal" cd's which I play in my car while commuting. I'm an actress and singer (amateur), and it's very helpful for me to lay down dialogue and songs for rehearsals"
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